Innovative Objects

Three short animations about innovative objects in the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. 

Directors and Design Studio Desk
2D Animation Fred Griffiths, Martha Halliday,  Kathryn Leviton,
Clean up Capucine Cougelet, Emily Downe, Martha Halliday, Maddy Hope, Gabby Sibilska, Kathrin Steinbacher, Bela Unclecat
Music & Sound Design Jan Willem de With
VO Helen Rachael

A film about the Mitticool Refrigerator designed by innovator Mansukhbhai Prajapati. It is made entirely from clay and doesn't need any electricity to run.
Inventor and entrepreneur Anupam Pathak designed the Liftware Steady handle for people living with essential tremors and Parkinson’s disease.
A film about how chairs in the V&A collections have been made from recycled materials. 
Sections I worked on:
Clean up

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