Surviving Rochdale: The Past Keeps Calling
BBC Newsbeat Documentaries

"Daisy" faces a tough decision. She was groomed and sexually abused from the age of 12 but rather than be treated as a victim, she was criminalised - arrested and prosecuted for offences linked to the abuse she was suffering. She even went to prison.
Years later, the police want to investigate what happened to her and have asked for her help. 
She's tried to put the past behind her and her trust in the police has been shattered. Now, she's taking legal action against them.

I worked on animated sections created as part of a documentary on Rochdale. 

Director Woody Morris
Written by Alys Harte 
Producers Alys Harte, Eleanor Layhe, Woody Morris
Executive Producer Toby Sealey
Narrator Eleanor Layhe

Animation Director & Art Direction Hannah McNally
Animators Martha Halliday, Marta Lemos, David Rock
Shots I animated

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